Friday, August 8, 2014

Martial arts movies

I've recently started taking courses in a film school and I plan to make some short movies on my own. Freddie has talked a lot about the media and how martial arts is misrepresented in the popular culture. So my question is.... Let's say I wanted to make martial arts movies while trying to represent them in the right way, what your advice would be? What kind of movie would you like to see? I believe that movies can be the best platform to promote martial arts, like Bruce Lee did, but it's been done so poorly after him, with a few exceptions. What's your take on this subject?


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  2. Well, I've seen some modern movies of martial arts, that revolve more around the topic of how martial arts can help someone become a better person.

    Like a TKD movie called spin kick, or like the forbidden kingdom or even the new karate kid, and a film that a reader on the blog shared called once upon a time in highschool which kinda are movies of guys that haven't had any training in martial arts, and end up becoming better as they progress in the film. I kinda like that idea of martial arts film. And you don't necessarily need a big budget for that kind of concept.

  3. Make a movie with martial arts women


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