Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Working hard with passion!

Death can stop a person from breathing, but true passion stick to mans of will until their last breath. The hard work, the love, the hate, the pain, the tears, nomatter what, true will doesn't fly away that easily. You might fall down, think about the worst scenarios, feel depressed, but at the end, you rise again, and you keep pushing against any resistance that keeps your dream from breathing freely. Sometimes we make mistakes, we're human beings, working hard to elevate, to strive towards balance and perfection, but it all comes with wrongful decision. But these comes with lessons. These lessons you learn and you become stronguer, wiser.

We live in a stressfull world, we are billions of humans all trying to live and experience freedom. We cannot be friend with everybody, a grown man understands that. You either stay true to yourself and be by the book. Or you either live a life of lies and hide between a wall. That wall, discipline can break it, heart and passion can tear it apart like a piece of paper. And even in death, hardwork can survive its creator. It has been proven countless times in history. You can hate the creator of this work, but you have to respect it's dedication, it's passion and the struggle behind every pieces of it. May wisdom rises from the grave of those who have fallen in truth! And may life's hardwork break free from chaos!


  1. Another good blog Steve. I always enjoy reading them. Oh, and 'FMK - SC' is amazing!.
    My Grandmother listened to 'Believe - SC'. She liked it so much that she wanted to buy it on CD!.
    Keep up the great blogs and music. They are appreciated buy people everywhere.

  2. Thanks Ben! It's also cool that your grandmother like 'Believe'. I'll keep on putting efforts on music and on the blog. Thanks again!

  3. No seriously Steve, the song "Believe" is amazing. I think it is the best song you have made ever! It is my #1 favorite right now. It is very inspirational and I feel so much positivity within when I listen to it. Thank you so much for sharing that song with FMK! Keep up the good work in expressing your talents. I will work extra hard to get you the recognition you deserve!

    1. Thank you Freddie! It is really appreciated! I am happy that you like Believe. Thanks you for promoting and appreciating my music.

  4. We were listening to Believe today with my student and Sigung and they both said the song is amazing. So that one can be the track that everyone will get hooked on first before they find out about all the rest.


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