Sunday, August 24, 2014

Save Yourself First

I don't understand people who try to save the world when they can't even save themselves.  They want to stop all hunger in the world but yet they are too damn lazy to get a job to stop their own hunger.  They want to be a prophet and have others follow them but yet they are lost themselves and have not found their own true path in life.  They want to save people from drowning but yet they don't know how to swim themselves. People that love to manage and control others but yet they do not have control of their very own lives.  So concerned about helping others and the world but yet too lazy and unmotivated to help themselves.  These people create a lot of problems for society.  The blind leading the blind towards further darkness.  It is a like a virus that spreads to kill not just one person but thousands of people.  An ambitious leader that thinks he is wise when he is not wise can turn a whole nation into fools.  


  1. Most people who try to save the world are the privileged, and they do so in distanced ways... most by mere protest, which gives the sense of accomplishing something, without any real effect at all. In this respect, I think we should definitely look to the wisdom of the other animals who have been here much longer, and what they do


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