Thursday, August 28, 2014

Respect for Women

I believe I recently did a video with Freddie Lee about seeing eye to eye with a person. Yesterday, one of my friend told me: "Sometimes, I contemplate whether I should experiment with different women or I should have one girlfriend for the rest of my life." Hearing that from him made me think that he would say something more intelligent after. Instead, here is what he said: "I am not gonna have sex with one woman only. I want to experiment!" Then I told him: "Good luck." Since I do not like to push my ideas on people, here is what I think about his decision: it is the most naive, selfish and objectifying statement he ever made! Personally, I believe that guys should talk to multiple women; however, be content of just being friends with them. What is wrong with that? Why we men are so focused on getting numbers and go to bed with women? My answer is because we do not know ourselves. We only want to feed off of our own ego. We do not care about how the women feel. Now I am not against sex but if you are going to have sex do it responsibly. Don't just have sex because you want your friends to look up to you or just because you want to have sex with her! You need to know where she comes from! Furthermore, the reason why a guy would want to experiment with different girl is because he never find happiness within himself, therefore he goes material. Already, he is objectifying the women without even realizing it. But when you ask him about treating women as toys, he would tell you that it is wrong. My friend can do whatever he wants to do with his life, he has the right to mess his life up. However, this is not the way of a real Martial Artist. I want to be the Martial Artist not the fool who does not know anything about himself.


  1. You kind of look like Davin, move like him in sparring, and you are starting to think like him too, because he's the type of guy who can bang a bunch of chicks if he wanted but he refrains from doing so.

    1. A bit yeah. sometimes I do refrain from doing so. Except that Davin is Christian and I am not. Well at least not anymore...ever. I am not going back to that. I do not mind banging women but I would need to make sure she is clean. Lol


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