Monday, August 18, 2014

Just Some Free Association Ranting

Here's some truth, as I see it... Soon as we messed around with fire, we were using energy that didn't belong to us. It's what allowed us to move into areas that aren't equatorial and tropical. When Mahoney and I were in Hawaii recently, I sensed immediately that this one of the kinds of places where humans actually belonged... the climate was perfect, and there was edible fruit and sea life. If I'd have visited any of the tropical territories, I'd have probably come away with the same impression. Even the northwest coast is pretty inviting for the abundance of food... Oregon, Washington, British Columbia... But in these places, you'd need fire... Once you get down into the southern half of California, on the other hand, you could just be a human being... And the belt of natural acclimatization stretches south from there for quite a ways... Yet we've gone beyond that belt. Me... I was born in it, and have hardly set foot there since. Why? Because I've always enjoyed gas and electric heating, in false environments of our creation... Not-so-little human terrariums that we build for ourselves... That aside from temperature really don't reflect our natural environment at all... It would be like refrigerating an office building, throwing some penguins in there, and expecting them to be at home... The whole thing has allowed us to breed ourselves like industrial chickens, in small pens (very visible from above), to create a labor force that will make more pens, and tap more energy... In the forms of oil, gas, and hydro mainly... People say that wind and solar are our sustainable future... That's bullshit... How much energy does it take to make, use, and maintain a solar panel or windmill? How many of those will we need to serve our growing population... Fire was the gateway drug... Anything beyond that took us down to the dark place we're at presently, lying to ourselves about the potential escape routes... Solar and wind power won't save us... There's only one way out... Depopulate... Depopulate... Depopulate... Depopulate... It needs to be said, and said again, because it's the greatest truth... there's too many of us... there are more human beings than there are rabbits... there are more human beings than there are rats... It's because we went beyond the fire... We can breed in our terrariums like crazy, but we can't really live, much more than today anyway... It's like an ant farm... Ever try managing an ant farm?... The whole colony dies before too long, because they're not meant to live like that... And that's us... We are on the death route, because our cultural use of energy beyond that which comes from our food and basic, basic fire has enabled us to grow out of hand... Everywhere now is famine... Even where you are... Could you live off the food where you are? Or are you in an area, much like I am, where all the food that's grown is meant to feed cows in other zones?... Soon, everywhere we are will also be drought... It's already happening... We are dependent for our lives on an industrial, international trade system that is insuring our ultimate destruction... Depopulate... Depopulate some more... Eat locavore... Be frugal... Don't buy their products, as much as you can bear to resist... Learn your local ecology... Try to become a part of it


  1. It's good to see you on here, thanks for sharing.

  2. I agree with what you are saying Ryan. Basically if we populate, we perish. This is why I am in favour of China's one child policy. I know that a lot of people would not approve of me supporting this, but as a species, we have become far too good at surviving. If we are to prosper in the future, we must look at the big picture. We must realise that social evolution is required. Humans are intelligent. I know we have the ability to change the way we live. If we continue to exploit the Earth, there will be nothing left to exploit. I believe we can maintain a desirable life style with out sacrificing the well being of the planet. I personally believe that people should rely on sustainable sources of energy. But more importantly I strongly believe that we need to depopulate. Depopulation all over the world is the most important thing. 100 years ago there were 1.5 billion humans. Now, only 10 decades later there are 7 billion humans on Earth. It's just crazy!.

    Great blog by the way Ryan. Very interesting topic. Keep them up!.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Ben. Most people don't take this issue seriously, but it's by far the most important. Could very well be that in our lifetime we see everything devolve into chaos because of the overpopulation. Better to recognize what's at the heart of the problem, and deal with it... even if it does mean regulating how many children a married couple can have (one at most, for the time being), if we are to survive as a species


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