Friday, July 27, 2012


Hey guys just got the new modum Im back!!!


  1. That's a consistent training ^^
    Do you keep track of the number of reps ? I was advised to keep track of everything I do in training (even though I don't really like numbers...)

  2. For the core I would recommend the use of no weights, rather than using the dumbbell, I would advise to lower the bench to a decline angle if you wish to make it more difficult, even putting your hands behind your head will make it more difficult, concentrate your energies for each rep & it should be difficult enough, take less rest time & burn it out completely. Leg lifts while hanging or in the dip position work very well. I do not advise to do weighted side lifts as that is said to build muscles on the sides that appear to look like luv handles. When it comes to abs, you don't need to use weights as all, bodyweight is sufficient, the stronger the abs, you will be able to do L raises, supermans, using the ab wheel, & things like that. To build abs I recommend the advice above, a lot of cardio, & proper eating habits. As far as counting reps, I promote you to rather focus on exhausting the muscles & having good quality on each rep rather than couting, but if counting helps you, go ahead.

  3. I do this type of core 1 time a week normal sit ups ab wheel (I'm really bad at) jogging 3 other days a week. I do count but it's for motivation and victory reasons. When I started u could only get half way through this. I do 10 each side 9 each side 10 turns. 8,7, 9 turns 6,5, 8 turns 4,3 8 turns, 2,1 10 turns. Part of the reason I have added this weekly core blast is that since loosing so much weight I have a lot of extra skin. :'( I was trying to devlop muscle in those areas since I have all the skin left from fat that won't be going away any time soon. It has helped some but I am MORE than open to any ideas/suggestions on alternate work out routines. Most of what I'm currently doing right now us all experinmentation. I will try to get more up for more critisim. Please keep it coming guys it motivates me. Don't worry about hurting my feelings as long as its constructive I'm all for it. For me it is one of the best means to improvement.


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