Saturday, July 14, 2012



  1. i feel you on self expression! i do the same with film and photography! in terms of fluidity, i am still learning to do that better as well. Though, in my experience, as long as you are focused on the end result of the movement and less on the movement itself you'll start to flow naturally. I agree with you 100% on the way martial arts is taught in this country. i've only had a few sifus who have taught my in the proper manner of preparedness for a fight as opposed to how many techniques to "memorize". speaking as someone who has had a few robbery attempts happen to him, i know what you're saying. no, you don't have time to pause the fight and decide what technique you'll use. you have to act or be acted upon as i say from time to time. Great to hear a little about you and your training!

  2. Charlie thanks for the kind words. I am really focusing on my physical training right now. That's where I fight. My flow/art training is a lot different, when I am working on it if I start to lose focus, consintration, or desire I stop. This is for life why rush the evolution? Shi Zu planted the seed I water it and it grows. Im still not comfortable in front of others though. I'm working on it, I hope that making these videos will help too. So when does your intro video drop

    1. yea, i'm in total agreement with you! Sifu and i shot my intro vid yesterday. so when Sifu is done editing it and posts it, you can see a little bit about me :)


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