Friday, July 20, 2012

Initial Philosophy Contribution

Having not expended any of my holiday leave yet this year, I’ve taken a few days off work to do some maintenance around the house. This morning I awoke to fog and mist, which made for a very pleasant shadow-boxing session among the trees at my park. I then came home and took advantage of the cool weather to direct my attention toward our yard and garden. Part of what appeals to me about FMK / Zen Martial Arts is its holistic approach, including the diet along with everything else. Thought I would show you guys my garden and how I am growing healthy, organic food as an aspect of that wider perspective. Also, I figured it might be time to make my first philosophical contribution, and decided I would go right to the heart of the matter that seems to be commanding so much of Shi Zu’s attention – the mainstream propensity toward competition, aggression, and violence


  1. I hope to be able to grow plants/vegetables as well as you one day.... I think it's very calming and pleasurable to see how you can create something in nature and watch it's beauty grow.

    I liked your other video where you were talking about all the different plants, very very cool video Brother.

    ô¿ô Kong

  2. Thanks, Kong. I'm not the greatest gardener, but I am managing to grow some decent food in a region that is naturally pretty much high desert. Only wish we could get fruit to grow here too, other than the regional berries (which I eat a lot of)

  3. Gardening is definately the way to go, Jenny & I wish we had a home so that we could have a garden in the backyard, but it does not look like that will ever happen. Thanks for the posts & staying so active on this blog.

  4. Tell you the truth Sifu, I'm going to look into rent-to-own houses pretty soon. The one we're in is just rented, and it costs fully half my income every month. Can't seem to get a mortgage, but I hear there are other ways around the problem


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