Sunday, July 1, 2012

LAW According to the Lineage of Mystical Teachers and My Contributing Version.

"Law” is a system of rules and guidelines which are enforced through social institutions to govern behavior.
Now….the definition we see here is an invisible principle with visible symptoms but only with those who align themselves with it in order to choose to destructive or constructive results. Law operates on both sides of the equation.

So for our specific intention:
Law is a system of rules and guidelines which are self implemented through exercises or actions which improve our health and proficiency doing them.

Law operates whether we are aware or unaware of its' existences; it is not man made only and as we recognize it to be. It is because of it that we can make the Laws we make or anything we conjure up.
Without It, we would not have our existence as we do or do those things we choose to do or not do.

Keeping that in mind…..we no longer look at systems, styles, or anything else as being better than any other in contrast but as totally depending upon Law for its existence to begin with. In addition, by thinking so, we do not deprive ourselves of all the Law has to offer us; this gives us the preferential option of applying what best fits within our comfort zone.

From the Law I’m writing about…the entire spectrum of Human Interests arise and is to be found in and every bit in compliance to it.
Whatever the Number? It is immeasurable.
Half Constructive, the other half Destructive, but each having value where best suited for use in time and space. May not work for you but it works for them.  Wrong for you but right for them; Taste Good to you but taste bad to them. The examples are endless. They tell you you can’t do that you’ve been doing anyway.  They’ve made up their mind and so have you.  Viva La differencia!!!

When this view is lacking or dysfunctionally present for whatever pre-existing reasons, .........conflict, strife, competence, disagreement, hate, racism… name it, it’s there….of the injurious kind arises and exists.

Remember, the Law powers them all; the Law designs and uses them for our learning.  That we may attain Reflective Equilibrium and express symptoms which indicate we are acquiring the correct proportions of either to have healthy living practices and a more inclusive and comprehensive state of mind which is doing its best to not be victimized by contrary processes and symptomatic results.

There is more but it will take a lifetime of learning to equate further than that known now at this reading or additional others.

In few words: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE...we were design to improve accordingly to all described.

Dr. Ramon G. Rivera

Are You Ready For This?
Listen to What These Scientists Have to Say.

Part 1 at

Part 2 at:

There is several other parts to the two above so research.

This One Is Self Explanatory:
Now based on the presented evidence from the repeated experiments--
Take  and place your bottled water supply at a corner or anywhere near your training room and let it sit there a week or two.
After all the training has taken place...commence drinking the water. 
Keep it stocked equally to the quantities consumed that they always get a week or two of exposure to all the training going on.
The molecular structure will be altered by the exposure to all the training occurring and you will be drinking more than just water.
The water will contain actual radio active material that will enhance and continually re-enforce all that any single individual has done and will be doing so exponentially.
You get the Idea; put it to  the test.

The Mystics were right
As further tested and proven by
the High Tech Scientist of Today.
I'm on That Regime....RIGHT NOW!

Dr. Ramon G. Rivera


  1. Knowing the operating intricacies found in the Implicate order of human existence further contributes to the external applications you already are implementing upon yourself for overall improvement.

  2. “Hado is the intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter, the smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness.”
    — Dr. Masaru Emoto


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