Saturday, July 28, 2012

Todai Jia: CLF form progress

I can tell you have been working hard on this form, you have improved a lot, which is great.  I like your graceful movements with the hands, your legs are getting stronger, keep working it, aim to get lower on all stances & minimize all shaking.  When you are in the arrow stance, get the hand that is coming forward to be a vertical knifehand & do not overextend your elbow, keep your elbow bent so that the knifehand remains vertical, watch the instruction video over again & pay attention to what I state about the front hand, also look forward to the front hand.  Keep up the good work, it is looking much better, I can tell you are getting more fit, which is exactly what this form is designed to do.

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  1. Jing,
    I like your cat stance and your arrow stance is greatly improved. When in your cat stance, try to bend your front knee slightly, keep the ratio of weight at %70 on the back and %30 on the front. The front leg should be able and ready to pop off a front kick. Keep up the good work.


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