Monday, July 30, 2012

FMK: Zen Fitness - Self-Defense - Zen Martial Arts

Through my training in the Martial Arts, I have learned to see things as a whole. But now that I am teaching professionally, I have been forced to categorize & label in order to help others gain a deeper understanding.  Now I teach Zen Fitness, Self-Defense, & what I call Zen Martial Arts.  Zen Martial Arts incorporates the balanced development of the Body, Mind, & Spirit.  Zen Martial Arts incorporates total body fitness development, survival self-defense training, & spiritual development.  A majority of the public holds no interest in self-defense training; they hold more interest in fitness progression. 

I have noticed from the public, most people are interested in getting fit, the next is self-defense survival skills & the least is spiritual development.  Knowing this, I have decided to focus a majority of my energies on the promotion of Zen Fitness.  Through being introduced to Fitness training, people may begin to develop an understanding of Zen, if it ends there, it ends there, much has been accomplished.  A selected few find passion in the training of combative techniques, these individuals will be practicing Self-Defense, those who practice Self-Defense may begin to develop an understanding of Zen, if that occurs, then it becomes Zen Martial Arts. 

I have set up different paths for people to gradually enter into Zen Martial Arts.  A majority of the public will begin training in Zen Fitness or Self-Defense before partaking in Zen Martial Arts.  A selected few will immediately enter into Zen Martial Arts. 


  1. I can't remember how I started Martial Arts...I guess this feeling has always been there and that I had to find a way to express it. As a teenager, looking for moral vertues, tired of a weak was the answer I needed.
    But I have respect for those looking for fitness, because the technical and psychological aspects are not designed for all. It's a good thing to have different systems to evolve.

  2. This is a smart move, for several reasons. The new breakdown corresponds well with the 'body, mind, spirit' distinctions. Moreover, business-wise it makes a lot of sense. The martial arts typically do not lend themselves well to business. Fitness, on the other hand, is widely attractive, and can become the economic basis on which a superior martial arts school can thrive

    1. Totally agree with you Ryan. By the way, keep up the good work on your training and keep posting more videos.


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