Monday, June 25, 2012


Shi Zu Lee I am sorry a bout my foot placement, I will fix that.


  1. I like the knee hold to help for better technique... thank you... I have a hard time with holding side kicks...

  2. Thanks I actually started doing that in an attempt to open up my hips more, I have to lean way to far back to get my side kick that high. I just can't believe that my feet were apart. Epic fail on my part. Im going to try and continue makeing videos on my progression. Thanks for the support.

  3. 1) Feet together on the bow, upper body looks good
    2) Modified dips look good, nice range, work on getting that range for full dips
    3) Bent over reach is good
    4) Keep working on getting those arms more flexible
    5) Front kick hold is very good, impressive!
    6) Side kick hold is not bad, pretty good
    I can tell your flexibility in your legs is pretty good. Keep up the good work in your training. Work on eating healthy & drinking more veggie & fruit juices. Thanks for posting on this blog to promote a closer connection to all Todai's & inspired people to get involved.


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