Saturday, June 23, 2012

Todai Jia: Bamboo Flute & Pushup Progress

I believe every Martial Artist who is on the path shall take up at least one musical instrument.  This is part of your spiritual training in expressing your inner self without words but rather through the language of music. Todai Jia has chosen the bamboo flute, I have chosen the Chinese War Drum.

Great form on the pushups, keep up the good work.  I like how you have demonstrated that you do not have to be in the gym to train, you can train anywhere, including kitchens!


  1. Thank you for the compliment Shi Zu. the kitchen was the cleanest room in the house at the time, and has the best acustics next to the bathroom :) the pther part is now on youtube I will try to get it posted here. As for the flute I love it, It is very relaxing to play. That is also my first flute but I plan to start making them as I can get the bamboo and get it dried.

  2. I love the flute you played, now I want to get one & learn how to play too! If you start making flutes maybe you can send one over here & I can repay you with more private lessons! I ordered one online & it was crap, I hit the Bob a few times with it & it cracked.

  3. Absolutely but I have to get some good bamboo cut and dried. Where did you order yours from? Mine is in the minor scale which makes it hard to play with a lot of instruments. It took me a good month befor I was even able to get sound out of it. I have found the next one I want to buy it is an Indian love flute, I'll try to Post a link for it. Once I buy it I will then be able to make those as well.

  4. Great stuff on that flute. Keep up the good work. I stared playing guitar when I first learned about Wing Chun.

    I remember back I first signed up for classes, I was finding it so hard since I was new to Kung Fu. I made myself a custom to keep me motivated. It read "Bruce Lee taught me Wing Chun!". My colleagues down at Martial arts school toronto school were always laughing when they saw me with it, because I was just starting out. I had no idea what Wing Chun was :D Nevertheless, I love that shirt. Helped me stay on track and learn Kung Fu


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