Sunday, June 17, 2012

Todai Update: On Ranks

Stay updated with this post for any future changes in this regard.  The ranks are not only meant to symbolize an achievement of proficiency in fitness, technique, & understanding of Eastern Philosophy, but it is also meant to symbolize a close connection to the FMK family.  Those who wish to achieve rank must consistently put effort in developing close relations with Sifu, Shi lao, & ranked members of FMK through their own individual efforts.  Those who wish to achieve rank must make payment towards the uniform & certified badge to indicate that they have strong interest in the promotion of FMK.  Those who wish to achieve rank must actively show that their development in the Martial Arts is not just about your own individual development but also about the development of the kwoon as a whole.  

Only those who have maintained the standards indicated above will be officially certified.  Official certifications will be represented by the possession of the FMK badge & public certification on the FMK website.  For further information on the requirements to achieve rank, respond to this post. 

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