Saturday, June 30, 2012

Developing a Family Connection

It is the responsibility of all Todai's to place greater efforts in becoming more involved with promotional videos & activity on the FMK blog in order to develop deeper connections within the family.  That sets the major difference between a Todai & a student or client.  You make what you want out of being involved in FMK.  You can see it as just a place to "workout" or learn "self-defense" or you can see it as something even deeper, something deep like a family you can count on.  In order to develop that deep connection, it takes time & openess.  If you refuse to invest the time & you refuse to open up, then you are limiting your growth within this kwoon, it is your decision.  I am not the one to force anyone's growth, you will grow when you are ready, but I have provided the opportunity & that is all I can do, it is up to you whether or not you will take the opportunity.  I will no longer be sending many emails, I will be posting more often on this blog & posting new videos.  If you do not keep yourself updated on the blog or videos, that is your choice.  Those who find the time to check the blog & videos, those who participate, those who become involved, are those who will grow deeper within the family. 

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