Friday, June 29, 2012

Qigong Starts a Fire

Ok So I am also into primitive survival, camping, and general wood/bush craft skills. If it is ok with Shi Zu Lee and you guys are interested in these subjects I can start making videos when I go out as well. I am the one starting the fire sorry about the ideo not playing all the way through.


  1. Don't know why I thought you were holding a LIGHTER.... ehhehe... Actually pretty cool Man.... Nothing like getting in touch with Nature...

  2. I love being out in nature. The lighter is deffinitly the best way to go but it's always good to have a more relyable way to start fires. In my fire kit (an altoid tin) I carry a magnisum fire striker, and folding handle razor blade, a good size ball of dryer lint (amazing tinder) matches dipped in wax to water proof them. Cotton ball rubed down with Vaseline work well to but can be messy to carry. I also build a birds nest of random stuff I find while heading to and setting up camp. After that it's all about building the fire once it's started, an art in its self.

  3. Eeeey that's pretty cool man
    Personally im intrested in these kind of videos
    I love being in the nature to we have so many creeks and forest around here as well
    Make more of these man This is a nice video

  4. We need more of these survival types of videos, I highly encourage you to post them as often as you like & can so that the family can learn from your experiences. This is something I know very little about & am interested in learning myself. I like to see you so active on the blog to allow other Todai's to know your more deeply.

  5. Kian its not fair you live in Canada it's like a woodsman's heaven. I will start working on some videos and try to get them posted. If there is anything you want to see hit me get with me on it and I will do my best to get a video for it.

  6. It looks pretty woodsy over there buddy lol
    I like these videos your making, what about Clf forms?
    Are you making it far in the forms? Personally i take it super slow i hope your progressing much faster than i am
    I'm like a turtle...or sloth lol
    I think i have an idea for a video as well after seeing this one
    Take care man, hope to hear from you again as soon as possible!

  7. I know the whole CLF form but I'm only working on the horse stance and the transition into the arrow stance. I'm really trying to push on the physical exercises right now. I still try to work all the strikes in when I work the bob. What's this video idea? I think my next out door vid will be on what I carry in my fire kit and maybe a bit on fire starting with a striker. Just not sure when I'll be able to get it done. I want to do one on makeing a bow and drill to start a fire that way as well


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