Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Update Video for Online Todai's

I don't have internet access for most of the day anymore b/c I am at the kwoon for most of the day & my internet is at home.  So I will not be emailing as often, it is easier to respond via video responses, here is an update for you & my response based on the progression videos you have all submitted.


  1. Thanks, Shi zu. I will keep on working on the fitness. Sometimes, I am scared to do the handstand push ups because I don't want to bang my head on the floor or I might get stuck. But I am going to get over it someday.

    1. Use a pillow, it should eliminate the fear. It is important to surpass this slight fear as in contact sparring, this fear will arise again, you must face it & overcome it, when you overcome it, then you will reach the higher realms of Zen Martial Arts.


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