Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Sifu Lee What Degree Blackbelt Are You?"

"Sifu Lee, what degree black belt are you?"  I am a 360 degree black belt, I have been studying Martial Arts for over 10,000 years.  I study to become a Master in order to become a student once again.  When the marathon is over, I run another one, I will keep running for eternity, there is no black belt that can measure my rate of development, once you reach the level of Sifu, you can either regress or progress.  If you regress, you are no longer a Master, if you progress, you become a Mystic, you reach the realm of the unknown.  At this point, you are practicing what I call "Mystical Kung Fu."  Mystical Kung Fu is beyond what is known, it cannot be measured, it cannot be labeled, it is unknown.


  1. 360 degree black belt! LOL. That was funny. I guess you move from no level to no level. Now I am not aiming to be a Sifu. I am aiming to not have a level.

  2. Sifu Freddie Lee....I comprehend; I too recognize and am conscious with affinity to the million year old man that Theoretical and Quantum Physicists and Mystics of many fields point to in many symbolic ways.
    A common symptom inherent and expressed by such aforementioned thinkers which is due to residual memories from previous generation of mankind.....existing before we ever came into the scene.
    Such civilizations existed prior to what we recognize as reality and the dawning of the mankind we recognize as belonging to.
    I understand fully; and It Is the True Lineage and a more inclusive whole on a scale beyond even the description we give to point to it.


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