Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Todai Kang CLF Progress

Excellent progress video on the CLF Form for Todai Kang.  Just a few minor corrections that need to be made.  Excellent horse stance, I can tell you have been training hard on it.  Make sure your breath is coordinated with your hand movements, work on a deeper breath.  Transition from horse to arrow without raising up to a standing position.  Transition from arrow to cat without raising to a standing position while clearing the elbow gracefully.  When starting the arm hardening drill, put the hand out a little more forward.  Further corrections may be posted at a later time.


  1. Kang your stances are awesome bro! Any tips on getting your thighs paralel? I can get there but I still can not hold it for very long. Keep up the hard work

  2. Oh yeah when I first started I could not hold very long either. It is good to hear that you can at least get there! All you need to do is to hold it a bit longer every time you practice the stance. Eventually you may be able to hold it for at least a minute. Keep on training.


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