Monday, June 25, 2012


Just some random Bob work trying to find the sweet spots.


  1. You've revealed a lot of them and gracefully.

  2. Thanks Dr. I thought I looked more like I was having a seizure :) but have to start somewhere

    1. WOW MAN !!!! I didn't expect this....
      Thanks for the Video ----- I think that would definitely hurt if I were the BOB.... Nice rhythm too.... and you really started getting into your groove towards the end of the Vid....Damn NICE VIDEO !!!!

  3. Thank you do much for the kind words guys. When I watched this the first time I almost trashed it. Thought it looked a mess. Once again thanks.

  4. Your jabs have good speed & are accurate, keep that up. Your cross is pretty vicious. Your boxing techniques are more natural to you. Keep working on cleaning up the CLF techniques with better form, I know it feels awkward now but learn to train your body to adapt to something new & different so that you can remain fluid. Kong is right, towards the end, after the 3 min. mark your techniques look a lot cleaner. You are definately naturally good at Boxing techniques & Wing Chun, what will be a great challenge for you is CLF & TKD, keep working hard in achieving that balance by working on your weaknesses. It was a good workout for you.


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