Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Morning Mixer

It's really late here in Alberta... I just completed pretty much an all-day training session. It started off with a couple hours just after dawn at the park. The highlights of this practice are featured in the first segment below. To keep things flowing, I cut the video to about a minute or so for each exercise, with maybe a little more time for CLF and shadow-boxing. The city was kind enough to cut up the huge fallen tree limb, and yet leave these pieces for later pick-up. I've incorporated some of this heavy wet-wood into my workout, and stashed these logs away in nearby brush, where I hope they will remain for further use. After a breakfast of 'wild' (Canada) goose eggs, I headed down to the river to harvest some berries, roots, and mint. This is featured in the second video (if it ever finishes loading), for those who may be interested. There are no 'martial arts' in this latter video, but I'm rucking seventy pounds throughout, and there's at least one decent philosophical rant. By late afternoon, I was tired, and so picked up the Mrs. from her office and went home to nap for an hour or so. In the evening, we headed over to the dojo for gohakukai practice. Afterward, we ate bison ribs and yams. All in all, a very full day.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Dear Ryan,
    What a great day ! you must have had a great sleep after that !
    From what I read, I understand that you do your morning routine at the park before breakfast, is that right? How do you plan your meals throughout the day? I'm trying to learn about nutrition and it's pretty difficult, so it is also a question to all FMK.
    Thanks for your video and post!

  3. Hey guys... Sorry for the absence of the second video. It's long, and my editing software keeps failing on it. Eventually, I had to give up and go to bed, but I'll try to get it up here sometime today.

  4. Ling... I'm definitely no nutrition expert, but what I do seems to carry me through pretty well. First off, I have a pet crow and magpie. Both are rescued wild birds, but also very affectionate. They wake me up every morning early. Doesn't matter what time I got to bed (like last night), dawn is my wake up call, because these birds hop in bed with my wife and I and start grooming us until we get up. So once up, I give them some beetle grubs as treats, then have a cup of tea or coffee to get the juices flowing, so I can use the washroom before throwing a bunch of dog kibble, my jump-rope, and bag gloves into a sack and heading to the park (the kibble I feed to the crows, magpies, and gulls at the park). I don't eat anything until I get back home. Typically, I'll eat either eggs and vegetables for breakfast, or a bowl of healthy cereal. I won't have a lunch meal, but between breakfast and dinner I'll eat a lot of smaller things whenever I feel the least hungry. This typically includes small servings of protein-heavy sandwiches, pasta with tuna, nuts, and berries or fruit. I would probably carry on with this small-serving eating all the way until going to bed, but my wife likes to have a full dinner (meat, starch, and veggie). If we're doing an evening session at the dojo, we'll wait to have the big dinner until afterward. I might have another small snack sometime between dinner and going to bed. So that's basically my system

    Every day, I make sure to eat something that I collected or hunted that grows naturally here. I'm trying to increase the amount of this truly local food in my diet all the time, but I at least make sure something of the sort goes through my body every day. I eat zero fast food, candy, or pop

  5. Oh, I should mention... because I'm up early, regardless of circumstances, I've come to enjoy a good afternoon nap. So I pretty much have a siesta at some point every day

  6. Thank you for your answer and for so many details on nutrition. Well, in one word, this looks very "natural", which is probably the best way to approach nutrition. I'm trying to start a kitchen garden at my parents house and they like it a lot. It's definitely worth studying, and I see the benefits it can have. Let's give it a try !

  7. There's quite a few plants that can be easily grown in pots at a kitchen window. Also, if you like sprouts, you get a system set up for under twenty bucks that will give you a full tray of sprouts every day. I have one of these systems
    It's very easy to use, and you don't even need sunlight

  8. Just the description alone was AWESOME !!!
    70 pound ruck march sounds like fun (as I sit on my chair typing this hehehe...)
    I really enjoy the nature talks and descriptions you give of different berries, mint, etc...
    Thanks a ton!


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