Monday, April 8, 2013

A special woman

Yesterday i went to see the Wrestlemania 29 with a group of friends at the movie theater paramount banque scotia in downtown Montreal. We was 5 and i was reserving a place for my sixth friend who was coming late. It happened that there was another extra place on my right. And then, from nowhere came a beautiful woman from around my age and she asked me if there was somebody using that place, i said she could come and sit. I was surprised, i thought maybe her boyfriend was somewhere in the theater but i realized while watching the show that she was alone. She was joyful and we happenned to laugh toguether at some funny part of the show. There was that little something special, i wanted to talk to her and make sense at the same time, i could've asked her at least one question concerning her preferences on the match up or just if it is her first time at this show. While laughing, with our teeth out, we stared at each other with a beautiful smile being curious at the same time. Everytime i was about to ask her a question, my heart was making a techno beat and i just couldn't do it. She was special, i really liked the kind of energy she was releasing. I didn't felt like that in a long ass time. I said to myself, let's go Steve c'mon, heres a good opportunity to at least meet someone cool, she's right there, and not indifferent to your presence, c'mon Steve, you know what's gonna come next if you don't, you'll leave the theater, come back to your normal life and have regrets concerning this situation, you've been single for 6 years now C'MON! But i couln't, when the show ended, we both took a hell of a time to get up and we started to leave, before leaving she went to the toilet on the top floor, and i went to the toilet on the second floor, my friends saw her leave while i was at the toilet, and they said she was leaving real slow looking around like if she was looking for me, but i came out too late, she was already gone. I will never see her again.

 I can lift all kinds of weight, read all kinds of books, but i messed up in the face of the most beautiful creation known to mankind; the woman. I can have all the pride in the world, feel powerful as hell, but really, in face of a woman appears my weeknesses. They are the Yin to my Yang but i have a hard time reaching to them. I used to express my love for womens openly as a kid and i kept getting rejected years after years. I finaly had more power of attraction as a teen, so i had two relationship. The first lasted a short three months, and the second 5 years. The second one broke my heart and it took a long time for the scars to heal. Now as a results i'm way more colder that i use to be in term of expressing my feelings to womens. I know in a couple of days, that woman will be forgotten, like others i've met in the past but it just sucks, i failed again. 

Well now i need to stop complaining about it, get my ass up, and get ready for the next opportunity. I'm aware there will be other opportunitys. I want to live love as a team with a woman. I have to be patient now. One of the shows music theme 'Letters from the sky' from the group 'Civil Twilight' is stuck in my head with this moment i shared with this special women, i wish i've only had the courage to ask her her name. 


  1. You are right. Your body can be as strong as it can, and you can be as intellectual as you can; but until you can interact with a special woman, you will never know what it really means to be a man. It is something I am still working on myself. Thanks for sharing.

    1. C'mon Kang, we can do it, next time we see a nice woman, we have to at least ask her her name. Maaaan, last time i kissed a woman, i kissed like a fifteen years old, i really lost my touch but it's gonna come back. It's like bicycle, you can't really loose it, well i hope so, haha.

    2. Aww it's always nice to hear a guys perspective, I feel it's very rare for men to admit having nervous feelings for a women. Although, the way I see it the woman can always be the one to make the first move too! so don't think too much about it, there will be plenty opportunities! but mannn, this one seemed like a catch, half the work was already done in having an instant attraction. And she waited around? awww... but =X yeah, sorry... moving on lol...You guys should visit the city, and I'll be your official wing women! haha ..but seriously, you both better go for it next time!

    3. Yeah, it was a very good opportunity, maybe i'll go to the next show next month dressed the same and i will sit at the same place, who knows, she might come back, lol.

    4. Lol. She might. You never know. I will go for it. I interact better with the women than years ago. When you learn to accept yourself, there is nothing you cannot do. I interact with one yesterday. She is in a relationship but I decided to talk to her anyway. She notice that I was really comfortable with her and she said herself:"Wait, you speak to me like you know me." She said that because she is usually unapproachable. So yeah, I approach the unapproachable. :D

  2. Replies
    1. Hahahaha, i really like your answer. Yeah, it ain't that bad, i guess years of celibacy made me become very sensitive. Tragic, looool.


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