Thursday, April 25, 2013


I have been trying to keep up with exercise the last couple weeks, I was supposed to be able to change shifts to 1st but that did not end up working out due to there being no one else qualified for my job on second shift. I decided that my breaks are the time I can walk outside and do some quick workouts, it was going well until it decided to start raining and not stop for a few days. My wife and I are finally both recovering from the flu bug that has been going around and she has been getting back into the game quicker then myself. I should have a couple videos posted by this weekend, we recently upgraded out internet speed so that it is about 10 times faster then before so no more waiting for 30 minutes for a video to upload. If someone is willing to help test out the skype connection and put a load on the bandwith I would appreciate it, I would like to see how many of the 10 possible connections I can host before it starts to affect quality.

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  1. Working out during breaks? Mmm.. That's an interesting idea. I never thought of doing that. Maybe it is something that I will have to do in the future if I got a full-time job. While you have the flu, I think doing a little bit of cardio would be good. Do not do too much but just a little bit. It might help you recover from the flu even faster.


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