Monday, April 8, 2013


I'll make it quick and simple, i love music. Do you love music as well? What songs and/or artist do you like?

Have a great week!


  1. Grew up mainly on Beatles (mom) and Eagles (dad). Learned guitar off both. My own tastes vary widely, from classical (European), to powwow, to hip hop, industrial, and a lot of shit there's not specific name for. I seem primarily attracted by percussion, whether it be drum, piano, or what have you. Loving Kung Fu Beatz, Sidai Jun

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  3. A little too pop-popular perhaps, but a performance I always enjoy watching

  4. And a bit of my local musical world...

  5. I'm a long-time Sade listener/ mover...

    1. I like that track a lot, it's a very deep and beautiful song.

  6. I love music. Sometimes I don't listen to enough because music brings back a lot of emotions from past experiences. I should play more for my kids though. I like a variety, but I tend to be more into blues, rock, and heavy metal. Johnny Cash, Ministry, Nevermore, PJ Harvey, Danzig, Black Label Society.
    I used to go to a lot of concerts, and I was also into more death metal and black metal too, but I had toned it down a bit since I had a kid.
    I used to play keyboard in a band that was friends and family. I never was a good as Jun though. I mostly just made background noises.
    Right now my husband is playing a Johnny Cash song for our kids.


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