Saturday, April 13, 2013

Knowing Your Limits

As martial artists and as people, it is important to know your limits. As much as we train, as much as we practice, there is only so much our bodies and minds can handle before they break. It is crucial to build in a slow progression. Build too quickly without the right amount of physical stamina and you or those around you are likely to be hurt. It is also very important to keep a calm mind while training and going about your lives. If you don't, stress and over-thinking will consume you as it did me. I haven't been in the kwoon in a few weeks because I allowed stress to get the better of me. When I was least expecting it, my back rapidly gave out and I had to go to the hospital. As of now, I am getting better and will likely return to the kwoon very soon.


  1. You are right. In order to go beyond our limits it is important that we know them first. However, slow progression and a calm mind. Otherwise we will likely get hurt like you said. Nice to hear that you will be coming back.

  2. Very important advice. We all have to be very well aware of the limits of our bodies and minds. As humans we will always have our limits, and like Kang said, we have to know our limits in order to go beyond our limits in a steady progression. I very much look forward to having you back with us and training.


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