Friday, April 12, 2013


Movies are part of society for quite awhile now. They can be a good influence towards our development. Share with us some of the movies that made it's mark in your development. Heres some of my personal choice;

-The Matrix
-Home (2009)
-Lord of the rings
-Ong bag
-Life of Pi


  1. Life of Pi is a great movie. Definitely recommend it. You have a good list of movies here. They are all worth paying attention to.

    1. Life of Pi is my 2013 personal top movie right now!

  2. Okay, let's see, movies that truly made an impression-on or influenced my life and development. I'll do a kind of timeline, as best I can remember...

    Jaw (1st movie I can remember ever seeing)
    Pinocchio (Disney, could recite the entire movie line-by-line by memory at age 4)
    Jungle Book (Disney, could sing every song by memory)
    Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (could sing every song by memory)
    Star Wars (saw 13 times in theater, and to this day I am part Jedi)
    Popeye (Robin William's movie prompted me to sleep in a hammock for a year)
    Raiders of the Lost Arch (learned about archaeology and practiced bull-whip)
    Rocky (picture neighbourhood boxing matches on my front yard)
    Bruce Lee Collection (all his movies enter here, circa age 12, massive influence)
    An Officer And A Gentleman (saw thrice in theatres, pushed me toward military)
    To Kill A Mocking Bird (film and movie, identified strongly with moral identities)
    Swiss Family Robinson (Disney version, lent to imagination)
    Huckleberry Finn (obviously into literature-based movies in this era)
    First Blood (I wanted to eat things that would make a billy-goat puke)
    Crocodile Dundee (loved the naturalist-hero)
    Bloodsport (must have watched it a thousand times on video)
    Above The Law (first exposure to aikido and thought it brilliant)
    Platoon (thrice in theaters, cried every time Alias got killed, hooked me to Oliver Stone)
    Shoot To Kill (identified strongly with the back-country guides)
    Doors (prompted me to experiment with alcohol and drugs, bad move)
    JFK (now truly in military intelligence, and the conspiracy stuff registered real)
    Natural Born Killers (last of the good O.S. films, and post-military closure)
    Forrest Gump (hard to categorize, very powerful and lifting)
    Unstrung Heroes (I had uncles like this)
    Thunderheart (mainly for John Trudell)
    5th Element (just met my wife, and she was the 5th Element to me)
    Matrix (most accurate depiction of the truth)
    Fight Club (must have watched it a thousand times, sooo subversive and crazy)
    Rocky Balboa (even better than Rocky)
    Gran Torino (here's a real neighborhood hero)

    Movies currently on my iPad:

    Hanna (awesome natural human engagement)
    Enter The Dragon (classic)
    Life of Pi (book was better, but like the movie)
    Zero Dark Thirty (appeals to my curiosity about current M.I. propaganda)

    1. Very interesting! Got a lot to watch here!

  3. Great post, now I have a bunch of movies to check out when I get the chance.
    -Ong Bak 1,2,3
    -Ip Man
    -Peaceful Warrior
    -Godfather 1,2,3
    -A Bronx Tale
    -Menace to Society
    -Boyz N the Hood
    -American Me
    -My Family
    -Man on Fire
    -Training Day
    -Seven Pounds

    And many more!

    1. You introduced me to Peaceful Warrior, it is a good movie, when the old man told the kid to hold the horse stance for 5 minutes i was like damn, who whould do that? And then we have Sifu Freddie Lee holding it for 5:19!!! God damnnnnn!!!!Lol!!

    2. Lol. I know right? Shi Zu is crazy. My best horse stance hold is about 1:20. I am nowhere close to 5 minutes. And yes, Peaceful Warrior is a great movie. It's also based on a true story.

  4. You have all mentioned some great movies. I think I need to train my kids better so I can actually watch one all the way through. I think maybe I'm too much of a busybody. In the last several years, I have watched way more workout videos than movies. I could always work on stretching when I watch a movie though if I really need to feel like I am accomplishing something.

    1. Workout videos are totally filing my gmail account, theres so much to study, it's crazy!

    2. When ever I feel lazy to work out, I'm always flipping the T.V on so I can do weights. It's no fun working out alone at home in the quiet. Great multi-tasking! Just hopefully you don't get distracted with the T.V shows that you stop, (as I do sometimes. lol)

  5. I like my wife have been neglecting movies as of late, I use to watch them all the time. My grandmother owned the only video store for 70 miles and all my rentals were free. I am ashamed to admit that in the 7 years we have been together we have never been to a movie together.
    Some of the movies that have had a big impact on my me are;
    Star wars (the first 3 not the new 3 looking forward to the next 3)
    Every Bruce Lee movie I could get my hands on.
    Ip Man 1 and 2
    Scar Face
    Indiana Jones (first 3)
    Brave Heart (mel Gibson)
    7 Pounds (this one really made me think)
    Unthinkable (Samuel Jackson is one of my all time favorite actors)
    Natural Born Killers
    I have many more I can list but I will try to keep it shortened to the ones that affected me both good and bad.
    I also played many of the MMO's (massive multi-player Online) games out there, many of them have very in depth stories that play out as good or better then many movies. Many of them take philosophy from all the cultures around the world and us them to make the plots and story lines. My wife and I were once in the top 5 "guilds" for world of warcraft. (we have a nerdy side) The last I looked we were in the top 150 players out of over 14,000,000 players. Then we had kids.

    1. Braveheart & 7 Pounds, man these almost made me cry! And you guys are gamers too and good also! That's interesting i'm a huge gamer!!

    2. It has been a long time since we did the gaming thing, recently I have been playing the new starcraft game, but even that time is few and far between. Being the spring time most of the free time we have is spent outside, we have a garden that my wife enjoys working in and I try to take our daughter out fishing as much as possible. With the addition of FMK to our lives it is even more motivation to be out in the sun and getting fit, we live right next to a river that has over 5 miles of paved paths on it and they lead straight to the state park that is a 5 minute drive away, the park itself has over 20 miles of trails that I think we will be getting very familiar with this summer.

    3. Yeah, between video games, training, getting some fresh air etc.. Video Games will come out last but damn is there some great games outhere!!

  6. Thanks to this post, looks like I'm having a movie night this weekend.

    I'm excited to see "Life of Pi" I seem to always hear good things about it.

    Thanks for the recommendations guys!


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