Friday, April 19, 2013

listening kwoon

I am grateful to be part of FMK and this kwoon. I have not been here long, but already I feel...better. It is good to come to a place with such respect--particularly self-respect. I also see a lot of listening. 

The best things I think I have done so far are simply to listen, to work on myself, and to withhold any judgment of myself or anyone else. I simply get to be and act where I am NOW. I also get to appreciate my classmates, our differences and samenesses, and be part of the kwoon. If my motivation is to be better than someone else, then my ego is still putting something else in the center of my universe--where my ego wants to put itself! I'm creating an idol, a false buddha.

Maybe ego has flow. Maybe it also seeks its level, its peace. 


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  1. Ego will have it's role on our lives, it's just that it's overly abuse in our society. If we would have a more balanced society, then less ego would be used and it wouldn't be a problem anymore.


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