Saturday, May 18, 2013

Accomplishments Mean Nothing

So you have that rank, that job, that car.. what does it mean? As people in this world we often strive for our own personal goals and self pleasure without concern for who we are affecting to get them or in any way considering how those things will benefit those around us. I am coming at this topic as I usually do from two fronts; the kwoon and the outside world. 

Within the kwoon: 

When we strive for rank, are we considering how we are building up the rest of the school? Are we thinking of how best to help those around us who are of lower rank than us get to that next level both physically and spiritually? Are we encouraging each other and spurring on to reach our goals? I feel like we can always do more. As Todai of FMK we are meant to be a family. Especially since Sifu is still building the rank structure and working on the kinks. If we build each other up now and grow together as a family, when the school grows, Sifu will not have to worry as much about the rank structure being corrupted because his initial members will be on par with each other. We may all have our different philosophies on life, but in the kwoon we should be united in representing just what it means to be striving for, maintaining and/or administering the ranks of FMK. What good is having a black shirt someday if you didn't try help the todai that you started with get there with you?

Outside the kwoon:

Similarly to the ranks of FMK, we strive for success in life. We want to have stability. We want status. We want to be wealthy sometimes. That isn't wrong. But you have to be careful of what you are willing to do to get there and aware of what you will leave behind when you're gone. As we are out in the world, we have to become more aware of how we are perceived. Remember that as todai of FMK the things we do will eventually reflect on the kwoon and on Sifu.. and for my fellow believers, more than todai, we are representatives of Christ to all the world and the kwoon as well. Remember that to live is Christ and to die is gain! We sacrifice our time to better ourselves while we train we can do the same in the rest of the world and within the kwoon.


  1. Love the post, thank you very much for sharing. You are definitely helping to contribute to the growth of your fellow Todai's every time you make a post on this blog.


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