Thursday, May 23, 2013


I like what is associated with calm. I can think of peace, focus, traquility or other words, but when i think of calm, well i don't think much, it's more of a way of being that i feel. Being calm helps me a lot in my life everyday. By being calm i can face most of the situation positively and at the end of the day when i recall my reactions, i realize that i make more sense when i'm calm than when i'm all neurotic and stressed out. I can train energitically while remaining calm, that way i can keep focus more easily and workout in a healthy way without hurting myself.

I'm not always calm, i'm not a robot, like everybody else i get stressed out, i get emotional, and in those time i tend to act more stupidly. To remain calm all the time is almost impossible, and i like it that way. Because at the same time, if i couldn't get all crazy with friends and laugh out loud and have a lot of fun, life would be boring. But i think it's possible to be calm and have fun at the same time, it's a state of mind that i tend to reach, i'm closer to that state of mind than i used to be, but i still got a lot of work to do before i reach a high level of calmness.


  1. Very good post. Calm is very good when facing an unfamiliar situation. But when you reach meditation, it can be achieved. Meditation is never suppression nor "fake it until you make it"! It is actually accepting everything the way they are and control them. Stress can never be suppressed for example but when you are aware of your stressful emotion you will be able to overcome it. A problem can be solved only if one knows its roots.

    1. Yeah, accepting things helped me a lot in my life.

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