Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Todai Update: Red Rank Changes

I have decided upon a new system of ranking that accommodates for those who have extra money and those that don't.  The one year of training will no longer be expected.  Red ranks do not have to be approved by other Todai's.  In order to gain certification, the minimum required fees are #1 & #2. Numbers 3, 4, & 5 are all optional.  So Todai Kang, if you still want to be certified this year, it can be done, b/c the fees are much more reasonable now. 

Red Rank Promotion

  1. Fitness Testing Certification Fee: $20
  2. Rank Webpage Certification Fee (1 time fee): $20
  3. Fitness Testing Certification Video Fee (Optional): $20
  4. FMK Rank Apparel (Optional): Purchase on your own from recommended vender - CustomInk.com or buy from kwoon at 6 tank tops for $200
  5. FMK Rank Badge (Optional):  Purchase on your own or buy from kwoon at $300

You are expected to train at least once per week in order to maintain your certification.  Your fitness can be re-tested at anytime based on the discretion of Shi zu.  If you fail the testing, you will lose certification and regain your certification when you are able to successfully fulfill the expected fitness standards. 


  1. ...I feel confused again. LOL so I'll withold my thoughts as to not confuse people, but I'm glad the fees are reasonable for future Todai's.

  2. I'm confused too... I kind of liked the idea of a waiting period. Maybe not a year, but at least like 90 days or something. That's pretty standard at any job.

    1. In my last blog post I mentioned one of the main changes I appreciated was training in the kwoon for atleast a year before testing. I thought this prevented people just flying in to pass, and quitting in months. Not saying this would or wouldn't happen, but a majority would value the rank if it took them patience. I thought time was a test of commitment & contribution to the kwoon, and getting to know them. hmmm...there must be a reason why it's opted out?

    2. If somebody wants to come in and get rank in 1 day and then starts bringing in 20 people to train and take the kwoon to the next level, I encourage that and promote that. I am not going to get in the way of that. There are many people in this kwoon that have obtained rank in well under 6 months that have done an excellent job in helping to get this kwoon to where it is now. If you come in here with great talent or skill, I want you to shine as quick as you can, this will enhance the kwoon.


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