Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Perception and truth

Our actions are moved by our will and defined by our perception. Everything around us will have it's influence on ourselves but the way we grew up, and the way we perceive those things will draw the picture of our every move. Being open to other peoples perception is really important for us to have a better undersanding of everything inner and outter the self (I gotta check myself on that one, i'm not always that open). Through Art, we can feel somebody else's emotions and decipher their personality and their actions(if they're being true with their art of course). After consuming tons and tons of entertainments, from books to movies to music to video games and other art forms and having the time to socialize and exchange from our point of view to those of others we can decide and build our perception. Through the training of our inner and outter self, through balance we can enlarge and reinforce some ideas, drop some and then build some more and then we are forging. Forging ourselves like the blacksmith forges weaponry. Are you a sword ready to destroy others, a shield always on the defensive, a pair of boots ready to walk the line or are you the complete set from boots to helmet? The FMK blog is the place for us people in search of or already living an equilibrium to express ourselves, understand and reach the complete set or simply upgrade it by forging every ounce of it(or just drop it).

Their is truth and their is perception who can make something true to someone and false to someone else, but their is a truth, an undeniable truth that exist and that truth is large but yet that truth is limited. If you want to make love to an ant, you doesn't make sense and that's the reality of it no matter what your perception is. But why do you want to make love to an ant, where does that connection in your brain comes from, let's decipher it, break it into atoms and blow it out the way so you can have a better understanding of what making love really means. I'm that guy who wants to make love to an ant sometimes(meaning i don't make sense all the time), but i'm ready to hear from you people, ready to work it out and have a better understanding of what true love is for exemple. So what is something for you that is undeniable truth and what is something that you perceive but is not neccessarily the truth? I will start by saying an ant (don't try to make love with it) has the right to live as much as a human being and i'll go with a perception i got; i think that certain person deserves to die(it's sad to say but i got that perception for the moment). Share with us a truth and a perception of yours!


  1. I like how you describe the way you want to make love with an ant. It's rather unusual but you are right. They do have the right to live just like a human being. My perception will have to do with kids. They are meditation to the fullest. They just do not know how to communicate it. I will write about later.

    1. By kids being 'meditation to the fullest' you mean they are living in the moment, not being all neurotic about life and everything am i right? I'll wait for you to write about it, it's an interesting subject.

    2. Yep you got it. That's exactly what I mean.


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