Thursday, May 16, 2013

Power Twister Attempt

This is two consecutive blog post for me so far. Lol. I hope to not take over the blog so everybody can have a chance to express themselves. Anyway, this is my first time trying the Power Twister. I just received it yesterday and before I videotape myself doing it, I had a hard time doing 20 reps! I do not know what got into me yesterday when I did it on camera. The stress of being filmed probably boosted my strength. But here is the video. I lost count so I probably did less than I thought. Hopefully I surpass the black rank.


  1. Glad to see you got the PT3. It's a pretty awesome tool. I've been doing PowerTwister mostly in my office at work, and it's always good for a pump. Haven't tried to max out for a while. Most I've gotten with the palms-down regular grip is 112

    1. Man you have been doing it a lot! Haha. I cannot get there yet but I will work at it and I hope to get to Shi Zu's level.


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