Friday, May 31, 2013

Ten Thousand Ripples Project

If you checked out YouTube this week you’ll see that Sifu discovered the Buddha statue on Howard Street. Ironic, right? Well the statue looked familiar, so I was curious to do some reading…

The placement of these Buddha head statues is actually a movement called the “Ten Thousand Ripples Project,” in which public art's placed in high violence neighborhoods within Chicago to spark conversations of peace & violence. There should be about 10 more coming to Rogers Park, one closer to us that I’ve seen is our good ol’ after work out spot at Sol CafĂ©! (inside the entrance)

I was actually quite surprised to hear they've placed statues at my home neighborhood Albany Park. I never considered my neighborhood to be one of high crime, but when I think back to high school I remember the few friends I knew in gangs, and being exposed to their life. Thankfully I grew out of those people , and getting older I realize how blind I can be to feeling like it no longer exists in my neighborhood. It may no longer be part of my life now, but I can only imagine the many teens who haven't.

The next time you see another statue...Stop and be aware. There's a reason why the placement was made. Not all are placed on public streets as the one on Howard, but many are quite discrete. I have yet to encounter any in my neighborhood, so it looks like I’m keeping my eyes peeled so I can start my scavenger hunt! haha

Thanks to Sifu looks like word about the ripple is passing on. Now, thousands more to go?! :-)


  1. I wish you good luck on finding ten thousand ripples! That's all I can do since I am not living in Chicago.

    1. LOL you're crazy. there has yet to even be ten thousand placed. I'll be happy if I find even one in my neighborhood.


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