Sunday, May 26, 2013

Todai Update - Jun's Separation from FMK - May 26 2013

This is an update to all Todai’s of FMK.  As of May 25 2013, Todai Jun formally notified me that he will no longer be training at FMK.  He stated that he could not completely agree to the overall philosophy of the kwoon that stands against combat sport.  He plans on returning the badge when he has the time.  He stated we can continue to use his music if we so choose.  I told him that I appreciate him giving me this formal notice and that I wish him the best. 

One of the biggest struggles in teaching publicly is establishing close relations with Todai’s and then having to separate due to whatever reason.  It is all a part of life and a learning experience.  We have a new Todai who is young and full of potential.  I told him immediately the kwoons stance against combat sport and that this is not the kwoon to breed sport fighters.  On his first day of training he was wearing TapOut pants and I didn’t like it.  I told him that is unacceptable in this kwoon and I have updated the policies to reflect this as well. 

I have learned that when individuals show interest in joining this kwoon who are athletically gifted or show potential to be athletically gifted, I must notify them immediately and directly that this is not a kwoon to train for combat sport.  It is best to have it settled sooner than later.  Sharing the deeper aspects of the Martial Arts means a lot to me and I have to continually place great efforts to better determine who truly appreciates these teachings opposed to others who are not the right fit for what I have to teach.  


  1. I am very sorry to hear that. I thought he was not for combat sports but oh well. I wish him the best in whatever he wants to do. We cannot force him to stay especially when he realizes FMK was not for him. Oh by the way, if I buy a focus mitt that says TapOut on it, I will immediately take the label off. We should have mitts with the FMK logo. That would be cool right?

  2. I will definitely miss Jun's involvement in FMK. I'm very grateful though that he has extended permissions to continue using his music. Those compositions are hugely inspiring, and to me they are like an FMK lifestyle soundtrack. I listen to them all the time now, whether it be driving, running, or what have you. I wish I had the talent to render feeling and sensation into sound like that. I would love to have heard the progression in sound that would correspond to Jun's progression in this art. But hopefully we'll have some lasting connection with him anyway, through Facebook and YouTube, and have the chance to hear the compositions that arise from his future endeavours. Good Luck, Jun! You'll Be Missed!

  3. He will be missed I wish you the best, big jun james!!


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