Monday, May 20, 2013

FMK Bike Ride: Saturday May 25th 3pm - 10 pm

Post from Jenny

Hello Everyone!

We are starting a good routine of biking every Saturday around 3pm if the weather is decent. This was something that Freddie, Sigung, Pauline, and I have come up with since this past Saturday to get a good workout. We did a 30-mile roundtrip bike ride from Evanston to Chinatown. We did stop by the Buckingham Water Fountain to do a workout demo, video already posted on We then biked to Navy Pier, and then decided to bike further down to Chinatown. We had ordered yummy smoothies and had an early dinner there. After dinner, we all biked home and arrived home around 9:30pm, but we had left home around 5pm that day to go biking.

This is just a fun optional thing that people can join us on Saturdays. If Freddie's mom can't babysit on certain Saturdays, and she may have to babysit on certain Sundays, then we will keep all of you updated in advance!

WORD OF ADVANCE!!!! Please ride a bike that is decent with large wheels, or else you will lag behind everyone and will burnout out all of your energy too quickly. Right Pauline? That poor girl road our extra spare bike that was so crappy that she couldn't keep up with our speed. It was so funny! Pauline kept making us laugh all day, go Pauline! That bike was so slow and so heavy, but Pauline survived and made home! She is so hilarious!

If any of you are interested on any of the upcoming Saturdays, please notify Sifu Freddie so we can gather up those who are ready for a fun long 30-mile bike ride to Chinatown, although we will make STOPS to do workout demos!
30 mile roundtrip bike ride from Evanston to Chinatown Chicago. 
Dress according to weather and bring a light jacket when the temperature drops
We have 2 extra bikes available to borrow for those interested in attending but with no bike.

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