Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What to do if you don't have a firearm

Where I live you can't carry a firearm, it's not legal for the civilian, you can have a permission to have one in your house, but you can't carry it. But the criminals out there, they carry firearms. What are we supposed to do in this case, I can train in other weapons, lethal and non lethal, but they are nothing compared to the firearms. I think that's the only we thing we can do in this case, train in other weapons and try to avoid danger as much as possible.


  1. Chances are, all other weapons are illegal as well. Find out more about the state statue on weapons and the penalties. Weigh the risks involved. Ask yourself this question, what is more of a concern, possible death or getting in trouble with the law? If you had to use a weapon to save your life or if you did not have that weapon, you would have been dead, that is something you must consider.

    If you have never been searched by the Police before, the risk can be considered minimal. Speeding is agains the law, but imagine if you had to speed to save you life or the life of another. Imagine if your family member had a heart attack in your car and you had to speed him to the emergency room, are you going to be concerned about the law at that moment or more concerned about getting that person to the hospital as quick as possible?

    Weapons are against the law, but if your life is at stake, does it really matter? These are critical decisions you must make in order to determine the best decision for your personal safety. In the past, the government use to outlaw people from practicing Martial Arts, monks and Martial Artists had to adapt their style to look like a dance in order to hide the Martial science from the government. So back then you were considered a criminal for just practicing Martial Arts. Esentially your body can become a weapon, and the government tried to stop people from obtaining power with their bodies just as they are trying to stop citizens from arming themselves on the streets.

    It's a personal decision every Martial Artist must make, they must contemplate the role of weapons in their self-defense methods of survival on the streets.

  2. Well they sell self defense weapons at martial arts stores, like batons and even knives, so I guess if they sell them legally you can carry them, because I've searched but haven't found anything. I also think, non lethal weapons should be first choice, but then again, sometimes it can get really dangerous.


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