Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tips for training side kick on the heavy bag?

Was wondering if you guys have any tips for training the side kick on the heavy bag without twisting or spraining my ankle in some way, sometimes I hit it in a way, that its almost my toes kicking it which results on my foot going up and spraining or something, or if I kick with my foot doing like a knife edge type of thing it might twist.

So I don't try to do side kicks on the heavy bag anymore lol, but I would like to do it.


  1. When side kicking on the heavybag, don't hit with your foot, hit it with your shin.

  2. The the heal and make sure you wear shoes

  3. I have a tip for side kick. Watch My video of me side kick, there are tips how to side kick.....

    1. Turn your body more than round kick.

    2. Most Important is to slow down since unnatural speed is overrated. Focus on Proper position, place your foot on the target without hit hard that injured yourself and focus on accurate kicks like a sniper gun.

    3. focus on body weight by lead your upper body back slightly, if not, no power and ended up get punched in the face

    4. As i said about slow down, focus on foot placement that you not going to injured, like freddie said kick with your heal, knife edge of the foot that came from old style taekwondo and karate that can injured your self. knife edge of your foot work when you kick back of there knee.

    5. If your chest face the target, your side kick is incorrect and hit with your toes, if your body facing complete side ways, your side kick is correct.

    6. Don"t focus on pushing, Focus on good techniques that make 5 time the power of the kick naturally.

    7. like freddie lee said, wear shoes, he had been wearing shoes, so am I as lately..

  4. you can kick the heavy back if you want but incorrect side kick on heavy bags will leads to injured, like i said, slow it down.....

  5. Cool! Thank a lot, I'm gonna try them.

  6. also don't forget to pull your toes back toward your chin so you can hit with your heel easily

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    1. My advice is only hit with the heel, make sure to have your butt facing the bag and proceed with the kick.


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