Friday, July 3, 2015

Owning Guns

I was inspired to write this after reading a post from No Limit Technique.

Members from my family are afraid of owning guns, and other kinds of weapons, they say that by having weapons you increase the chance of getting hurt by a weapon, for example, if someone pulls out a gun on you and you do the same, you will end up getting shot.

Recently I saw the news, and there was a story of a fight that took place in a club, this fight had one woman against 4 other women, this woman got beat down badly by this other women, despite the fact that her husband was present, he was being threatened by two dudes who had firearms (without legal permission), so he couldn't intervene to save her, Otherwise they would've shot him. If he had a gun chances are he would've been involved in some kind of shooting, and being outnumbered probably would've been killed.

However, as a martial artist, you wouldn't go to clubs or places like that were it's usual for violence to occur. You would try to stay away from potentially dangerous situations and places, like bars, clubs and the night scene. To stay away from dangerous neighborhoods and avoid fights. Even if somebody tries to get your cellphone or whatever, you would be training to deal with it, to remain calm and probably just give him the cellphone, so in order for a martial artist to resort to the weapons it means that he/she cannot see another way out of the situation other than using weapons, that means it is a life or death situation, despite the fact he tried to avoid it. there's also non lethal weapons, and others like a baton, nunchaku and stuff like that,that aren't as deadly as the firearms that a person could use to protect themselves depending on the situation. These situations should be carefully analyzed, and when training they should be practiced in a training type of setting. So that you know when to use each thing appropriately. I mean if somebody is bullying you, you wouldn't just shoot the guy. Also we need to be aware of which weapons are we allowed to carry unless we want to end up in jail. S you wouldn't just carry a gun and go to the clubs where you know shit might happen, i mean why would you do that, you would try your best to never use the gun in the first place. With that in mind, if you resort to the firearm it just means you just ended up on nasty situation and the gun might be the only way of surviving it. There's tons of videos of people getting attacked for no reason, they just get attacked. Also on the news recently about a BJJ teacher who tried to stop a criminal with a rear naked choke and ended up getting shot in the head, also, kids from a school involved in a fight were a kid pulled out a knife and ended up killing a person. Criminals out there are armed, therefore we need to be armed too.

Also I think that if you are armed and your opponent is not, that could make him change his mind, and the fight wouldn't happen.


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