Thursday, July 23, 2015


Well, my brother and father were at a restaurant at night around 10 pm, 3 stories high, they were at the last floor of the building.

Some criminals entered the place, armed with firearms, big guns, even shotguns, they were like 4 of them. My brother and dad didnt even realized the criminals had entered because they were on the last floor, so they couldn't hear that somebody entered. They were near the stairs so the crimianal who went up first ,approached them first, my dad didn't even realized what was going on, my brother realized what was happening and so my dad did aswell, they searched their pockets and jackets and bags, they took everything, so it might be dangerous to carry weapons, if they find out that you have one, you are in danger, maybe leave it at the car or something.

Later after talking to the people downstairs, they were the criminals broke some cables, and stole some computers, the police arrived 5 minutes after the criminals were gone. Nobody got hurt, at the exception of  a worker who got hit, but no one was shot luckily.

We can only learn from this, my brother and dad were carrying papers, credit cards and bank stuff, so you should never carry all kinds of paper and stuff with you. Leave them in the car or something. I don't have a smart phone, I avoid carrying expensive stuff with me, but my dad because of work, needs one, so he left his email account logged in,  and fb, so never let your stuff open like that, always sign out from computers and devices. Don't buy expensive shit that you carry everywhere. And as showed here, when people cooperate with the criminals, they just steal and go, don't try to be hero, or chances are you'll die, because if you train and have weapons, you have no chance against several armed criminals, nobody else trains and worries about self defense, chances are you'll be outnumbered. Only reason I might think of attacking the criminals, was if they were killing people, and it's just certain they are gonna attack me or someone I care about. In situations like this I truly believe all chances are against the civilians, so they should just cooperate and get it over with.  Also the area they went is not a dangerous area so to speak, but it's a little bit isolated, it's in an alley that goes perpendicular to the avenue. so avoid going to restaurants at night that are isolated. And try to sit away from the entrance or stairs, so if anything happens, you'll at least have some more time to realize and prepare mentally for what's about to come, unlike my dad who didn't realize what was going on, so the criminal got a bit more violent because he didn't got an expected reaction.

I truly believe that society favors the criminals, we as civilians can't carry firearms, we get bombarded with fake martial arts, nobody thinks about security protocols, they don't have plans in case shit goes wrong. We don't get proper education in those aspects, they make you believe that by training muay thai and BJJ you can kick some ass and defend yourself, bullshit. But the criminals have access to all kinds of weapons. The people who should have access namely the martial artist, don't have access. And people who think they train martial arts, aren't really doing it, they either train on an incomplete system, or they train to hurt people.

We need to be aware, because ait could happen at any moment, and everywhere.

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