Saturday, August 24, 2013

8 Chambers of father reality

8 chambers of father reality. 
By: Derek Samaras
   Talent; a display of special skill does not signify possession of the thrill, of spiritual capacity. Cleverness is no substitute for tenacity -true character. Few men  ever dare to embrace their full faith, and through this self centered hate we choose to escape, Unreasoned fear;  is the master mind fraud, pushed upon the hungry soul like a vengeful god. Inherent capacities cannot be exceeded; The spirit can't be forced on the minds of weak and fleeted. 
Few mortals ever dare to behold, the  personality established by the absolute bold, creative ministries of nature and grace, most broke souls are truly rich, but they still don't believe when it shines in their face.
Hardships challenge mediocrity but they only stimulate true children of reciprocity.

  Enjoy privilege without abuse, liberty without license, wield power with no self-aggrandizement. these are the marks of a higher man, who truly feels power with his heart not his hand. Effort doesn't always yield real joy, so be intelligent and use what you know now boy for action yields strength!  
Righteousness strikes the blind chords of truth, as the melody vibrates through the hopeful youth, even through the recognition of my strong left arm, realize my punishment can be blessed by my charm.
 Affectation; the ridiculous affirmation of the ignorant appearing wise through the vessel of supplication, the attempt of the weak and barren soul to look rich, this goes against the real power of NOW, silly bitch! .
 The weak indulge in hollow resolutions, as the strong act fearlessly amidst life's translucence. Life  is but a hard day’s work – so do it well. The act is ours; the consequence is omnipotence, for talk without action only yields your impotence. 

 The greatest affliction is to never be afflicted. Mortals get wise when their  life starts trippin.  Life rewards courage when it's tempered by compassion, and expressed with humility, that's how real shit happens.

...So whet the appetite of your people's fight, for light and knowledge of truth; but only give advice when its asked of you.  
For you cannot perceive my spiritual proof until you feel and realize it as your own real truth, and many great truths are only found in adversity, realize the good life celebrates diversity. 
 Impatience; a spirit prison; Anger is a poison that we feed to our children.
The angry defense of any proposition, is inversely proportional to the truth that it's grippin. Knowledge is possessed only by real sharing; its safeguarded through wisdom and socialized by caring.
  Progress seeks growth of our individuality; Death seeks perpetuation only in duality. Causality screams like the high pitch beams of crack whores and  slammed doors waking me from dreams, of peaceful solitude,  single mothers think they gotta prove, their weight in gold as lazy fathers play games, shit, they too old, for the highest mission of the soul is immortality so brothers, embrace your reality.

Be confident enough  to let yourself go, cease  being fascinated with the life you know. have the courage to see infinity in man, for its uniqueness that makes us above all family.

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  1. That was really nice Shunyuan. I can read this post and not ever get tired of it.


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