Monday, August 5, 2013

Fuck Jackie Chan

Sometimes in life we need to be serious.  If you’re not going to be serious about your training, when the fuck will you be serious?

I take my training seriously, when it comes to training, I don’t fuck around, I take care of business, I get done what I need to get done for those 2-4 hours in the day.  The rest of the day I can relax and be more playful.  That is my balance of seriousness and playfulness.  The real Martial Artist is serious about his training, he doesn’t fuck around, he’s more like Bruce Lee rather than fucking Jackie Chan. 

Jackie Chan is not a Martial Artist; he is a comedic stuntman posing as a Martial Artist.  Jackie Chan and this “Kung Fu Panda” bullshit makes a mockery out of real Kung Fu and real Martial Arts.  You don’t fuck around with a real Martial Artist; he’ll fuck you up if you push it too far.  You don’t fuck around with a Police Officer; he will shoot and kill your ass if you even give him the slightest reason that you are putting his life in danger.  People have been shot to death for reaching in their pockets for a cell phone when the Officer thought he was reaching for a gun. 

Jackie Chan is a fucking joke, fuck Jackie Chan, he has willingly allowed the entire movie industry to make a mockery out of Kung Fu.  Basically encouraging the mass of society to laugh at and poke fun of the Chinese, which basically leads to further racism against the Chinese.  Jackie Chan is a sell out piece of shit.  He’s not a real Martial Artist.  Fuck him!


  1. My opinion about why Jackie took the route that he did is that it's because of his appearance. He's not a handsome man. And when I look at most comedic figures, what I see is that they often have a complex because of their physical appearance. In a sense, I can relate to this, because I was especially ugly (even more than today, lol) when I was a kid. I had glasses, braces, homemade clothes that didn't look like everyone else's clothes, I was skinny, all this stuff. No girlfriends. A little while after I turned sixteen, my parents gave me a huge gift... they had my braces removed, bought me contact lenses, a car, and some real store-bought clothes. Just like that, things turned around for me. I don't even remember how many girlfriends I had that year, haha! But there's a lot of people who aren't fortunate enough to be able to just buy a pair of contacts or get the right haircut to help themselves fit in better socially, in a culture that cares extremely about appearance. Jackie Chan is not a good looking dude. Yet, he was trained from childhood to be an entertainer. So what's a homely guy going to do? One answer is comedy. This is why there's a lot of hugely obese and otherwise just ugly men and women in comedy. They're really outstanding people, but there's no way they could make it into the spotlight without a gimmick. And the gimmick for Jackie became comedy martial arts. Within that comedy, there are things he points out that are more real than what Bruce and Jet have done, in some ways. For instance, when Jackie punches someone, it hurts his hand. You know, that's real. I've broken my hand twice punching people... that little tarsal bone between the pinky finger and the wrist, the so-called boxer's fracture, that's real. That bone breaks real easy. And even like hitting the Bob dummy can take the skin off your knuckles with certain strikes. I don't mind Jackie Chan's comedy. But the effect, unfortunately, is what you've pointed out here, that the audience is again exposed to the Chinese guy as a joke. And you're right about that, it's no good. I see that, though, as more the fault of the industry, that they simply will not hire Chinese, or Asian, lead actors for any decent roles. It's our society that's the real source of the problem

  2. I definitely see what you are saying.

  3. Not that I have any allegiance or emotional investment in Jackie Chan, or anything. I just think the guy's a victim of being ugly. Otherwise, he'd be considered the father of Parkour, lol


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