Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Racism Needs to be Stopped

This is me Kang again. This video could be considered a response to what Shi Zu Lee is going through with racism against his race. I have some experiences with racism too but I do not believe it is as bad as Shi Zu's. However, I still want to share my experiences with it too. I also mentioned the music video released by the band Day Above Ground. The song is called Asian Girlz. The title itself already indicate racism. The lyrics are garbage. I am even more disappointed of her to put herself out there like that. Again, that is not what Bruce Lee fought for. He did not fight for the Asian community to be put down at such a low level. I do not believe that.


  1. Thanks for sharing your video and thoughts and for your support in fighting racism. That video "Asian Girlz" is extremely disturbing, I have made a video response about it and I plan to make more in attempts to educate the public about this behavior that needs to stop.

  2. I watched that music video last night. Pretty fucked up


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