Saturday, August 3, 2013

Beauty of Playing a Sport

When I am talking about sport now, I am not talking about combat sport. Combat Sport is the worst kind of sport humanity ever created. I do not care how you mumbo jumbo about how it is better than Basketball, Football, or Baseball; my mind is never going to change about it. Fighting is not a sport. A sport is a game. When you are really fighting, you are fighting to survive not to make yourself feel better because you knock someone out. Where is the honor in this? Money? Fame? Stupid Belt? Give me a break!
Anyway, today I was playing soccer with one of my old friends. We played with two strangers. I am pretty sure a lot of people do not play like we did. Basically the rules were like this: one person will be a goalkeeper. We were four so three of us will play against each other. The one who score will be the next goalie. It may seem to be professional but this type of game will enhance dribbling skills and defending skills at the same time. It may possibly train you to become a good goalkeeper. More importantly, the real benefit of playing soccer to me is this: good cardio. It has been a very long time since I was in a soccer field. I used to play when I was a teenager. Once I grew up, it was hard to find the time to do so. But now that I am here, I find really hard to not be tired when playing soccer. I get tired very easily. I begin to wonder if I am being a real martial artist here. A Martial Artist was supposed to be able to play without getting exhausted for a very long time! It is something I have to work on. I run every now and then but did not focus on sprinting very much. A martial artist who can sprint can survive. I even asked myself what if thugs were running after me just for the sake of bullying me. Would I just let them catch me because I got tired?? That is a real shame. I am not guilty about it but I do the necessity of being able to sprint as fast as you can a long distance for a very short time without huffing and puffing of course. Haha.
Now if I can sprint fast, my footwork in combat would greatly increase. Not only sprinting but I believe jump roping faster may actually help too. Another idea that pop out of my head is Parkour. I notice that if Parkour got really intense, it can challenge your cardio greatly. Moreover, it will increase your chances of survival against bullies on the streets too. If you would like to suggest some additional training tips for my feet speed I would gladly welcome them.

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