Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Racist Jokes - EXPLICIT

Just like masturbation is supposed to occur privately, I see racist jokes is supposed to occur privately, not publicly.  If you are going to humiliate another race of people, you should keep that joke private with your own trusted friend or friends that accept your racist remarks.  The more people that hear your racist “joke” the more likelihood somebody will take offense.  Hollywood is not supposed to produce any movies that supports views of racism because of how much power they have over the population.  Just like how Hollywood does not support or produce hardcore pornography. 

When you laugh at a racist joke that involves another race other than your own, it indicates the inner racism within you and that is not something you should be proud about or broadcast.  It is something you should laugh about in private.  Just like if you have a friend that looks very silly dancing but does not realize it, if you just start balling out laughing at him, you will probably hurt his feelings.  You have to be sensitive to his emotions and learn how to communicate to him that he needs more practice with his dancing.  Laughing at another persons expense can many times cause misery upon the person whom you are laughing at, unless he is a goofball that accepts himself to be someone that is constantly laughed at. 

But these goofballs are born on an individual level; an entire race of people cannot be born to be goofballs.  If you talk shit about blacks in front of Dave Chappelle, he may laugh with you because he is a comedian but if you talk shit about blacks in front of 2pac, he will probably beat the fuck out of you.  If you talk shit about the Chinese in front of Jackie Chan, he will probably laugh along with you because he is a goofball but if you talk shit about the Chinese in front of Bruce Lee, he would probably beat the fuck out of you just like he did in his movies when the Japanese were putting down his race, he fucked them all up! 

In Rush Hour, Chris Tucker was talking a bunch of shit about the Chinese right in front of Jackie Chan and Jackie Chan did nothing.  If it was the same exact scenario with Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee would have fucked Christ Tucker up drastically and he would have learned not to talk shit again especially if he wanted to keep his teeth!  This would have taught the public that the Chinese should be respected, not fucking laughed at.  But because Jackie Chan did not stand up for himself in Rush Hour and allowed all those racially charged jokes to slide, the entire population believed that it is ok to make fun of the Chinese, they ain’t going to do shit! 

So then you come across a bunch of racist motherfuckers who go around saying to all Asian people, “do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?”  You see a lot of people are afraid to publicly talk shit about black people because they know that blacks will fight back & fuck them up.  There’s a certain level of respect and fear.

And that’s typically how it goes, the only reason you respect the Police Officer over the Security Guard is because the Police Officer has a gun.  You fuck around with a Police Officer too much you’ll get shot.  If you fuck around with a Real Martial Artist like Bruce Lee too much, you’ll get fucked up.  You fuck around with a real motherfucka like 2pac too much, you’ll get fucked up. 

If you fuck around with a goofball like Jackie Chan or Dave Chappelle, you will live to breathe another day because they are like security guards, they don’t have many tools to work with to get you under their full control.  They can’t fight, they can’t do shit, their weak as hell, they can’t hurt you if you’re stronger than them, so they allow themselves to be bullied.  

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  1. It's true that Chris Tucker basically gave people lessons on screen about how to be racist. I think Jackie Chan's message, in his approach to the film, was to not get upset about it because stupid Americans don't know any better, with Tucker typifying the loud, obnoxious, overly confident American... which is a stereotype in itself. It's probably no coincidence that they chose to hire a Black man for that role. You're right, those movies really just perpetuate the problem


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