Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Truly Eastern/Western

Jet Li and Jackie Chan don’t give a fuck about America.  They are fully Chinese, they ate not Chinese/American like Bruce and I.  Bruce had a deep connection with America, he was born in California and lived about half his life being educated in America.  Bruce was truly a Chinese/American that was caught in between two different cultures. 

Jet Li doesn’t give a fuck about America, he knows that they are racist and they don’t don’t give a fuck about him.  He can barely speak English himself.  He knows that America will use him to make money if they can and if they can’t they don’t give a damn about him.  The president of the U.S. asked him to be his bodyguard at one time and Jet Li responded that he would not be bodyguard for one person when he should be protecting and representing the entire population of people in China.  Jet Li’s home is China, not America.  Jet Li would not fight for equality and peace for America, Jet Li would fight for equality and peace for China. 

Jackie Chan is considered one of the most famous in all of China, he is known by everyone there and is loved.  His home is China, his home is not America.  Like Jet Li, he would not fight for equality and peace for America because that is not his home.  He could care less what happens here in America. 

Bruce Lee was completely different, he was truly multi-cultural, Bruce Lee did not have a home.  He was homeless, his home was the world.  He could not choose sides, he saw the beauty of both sides.  The traditional Chinese Wing Chun community tried to make him turn against America but he refused, he actually fought for his right to teach American’s Gung Fu.  Bruce was truly not racist because he did not choose sides, he was both sides.  But Jet and Jackie are not both sides, Jet and Jackie are fully Chinese, they will pick the Chinese over the American any day.  Jet and Jackie would never fight for the right to teach Americans, they would care less about the Americans. 

For me I care about the Americans because I am an American myself, this is where I live.  Racism in America affects me directly because I live here.  It is extremely important for me to put forth effort to create a better America.  As far as what is going on in China, how can I even put forth effort to make a better China when there are already so many problems here in America? 

I cannot completely turn against the Chinese because China is in my blood.   So like Bruce I am caught in between.  I see the beauty of both whereas most will only see the beauty of one side.  It is the gift of circumstances that allow me to see the beauty of both sides.  Because I see the beauty of both sides, it allows me to have a much deeper understanding of myself and society.  One of my major goals is to educate people on this other side, this is what I call Philosia.  

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