Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kick-Ass 2 is Worst than MMA!

I know this is 2 am but I intend to write about this movie anyway. I feel like I needed to express what I feel about the movie Kick-Ass 2. I watched this movie on Friday with one of my female friends at AMC in Maryland. I am actually in Maryland right now until tomorrow. What we have seen in this movie is some horrible shit! It was filled with blood and violence. The movie is such a collection of killing. Every scene there is blood and killing. They showed how someone is being stabbed in the throat, how police officers are being killed by an extremely muscular woman... I can go on and on about this. It is that horrible. There is no meaning behind the movie whatsoever. Not only it is violent, it is very racist too! It's offensive to almost every minority group including the Asians and the Blacks. MMA was included in the film too. When the villain wanted to know how to fight, he trained with an MMA fighter. Of course, they had to include MMA. They had to include this cage fighting crap so they could piss me off even more! Oh that's not all. There is some nudity in the movie too but just one scene showing two naked women in the pool.
Anyway, for those of you who are still interested in this movie, if you think you can handle extreme violence then go ahead, I don't care. However, I would not recommend you to watch a movie like that one. It is just not healthy for your mind. It's not even healthy for adult, how could Hollywood think that the movie would be for the kids? Hollywood need to rethink their movies completely in my opinion. But unfortunately, they are not going to change the way the movies are made. Why? If they change the movies, they would not generate income. So the best way to respond to a movie like this is to never watch it again. Yes I said it now: I do not promote MMA; however, I do not promote Kick-Ass 2. I would discourage the people to watch this movie even more. The West is violent enough already; therefore, it needs something more peaceful.


  1. Watching the trailer alone should already indicate that the movie is a piece of shit, I recommend for you to always see trailers before you actually pay to watch any movie.

    1. I saw the trailer but I just did it because I wanted to spend time with my friend. She also realize how disgusting the movie was too. Maybe you were right. I should have not wasted my money on it.


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