Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Beach is a Workout

Today, I went to the beach with my female cousins. Before we got to the beach, we ate a couple of empanadas. By the time we got there, we tried to go into the water. The water was so cold that I could not even dare to put my fingernails on it. But once the water hit you once, it will be easy to overcome the cold. All you had to do is to just dive in it. We swim for a while. I also discover a way to get your fitness into a higher level. It is very difficult to throw a fast kick while on the water. The kick will be slow if you do not kick often but I believe if you kick with the water more, it will make your kicks more powerful. Another way to step up your cardio is to run on the sand. It will slow your step down. That is what makes it so intense! Working should not always be at the gym.
A workout should be everywhere. We need to start coming out more and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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