Sunday, August 25, 2013

Downfalls of Fame


The more fame that you have, the more pressure there is from the society around you to mold and shape you into their expectations.  It is a sad reality.  It is very difficult to be a real human being, but it is even more difficult to be a real human being when you are famous.  People will literally pay you to be false.  People will pay you to lie and people will punish you if you speak the truth. 

Socrates was speaking the truth, the people said, if you keep speaking, we will kill you.  Socrates did not care; he kept speaking the truth until they took his life away.

In this society, we are paid money in order to be false.  We are not accepted the way that we are.  The employer will not hire us if we do not shave.  The employer will not hire us if we have tattoos that he does not like.  The employer will not hire us if we do not follow the company dress code.  We must mold and shape ourselves to meet with the employer’s expectations; otherwise we will be fired and be placed out of work.  When we are placed out of work, we have no money for food or shelter, now we are placed in a position of poverty because we refused to conform. 

If we do not conform to our employer, then we must conform to the expectations of our parents or whomever is the head of our household.  It seems that no matter what the case may be, we must conform to someone.  Even if we are self-employed, we are placed in a position where we must conform to the needs and expectations of our customers, because without customers, we will not make money, without money, we will once again fall into poverty. 

Out of all this time we spend working 40+ hours in one week, when do we actually have time to let our guards down and just be ourselves?  We wish to express ourselves and be ourselves on FaceBook to connect with old friends, but then we say something wrong and our employer finds out and ends up firing us for statements that were made in social media that did not positively represent the company of which we worked for. 

Everywhere we go, we are being monitored in what we say and do, inside and outside of work to the point where we no longer are living true authentic lives.  We are simply machines designed for profit.  Everywhere we go, there is always someone there waiting to exploit us.  Someone there waiting to profit off of us.  We never receive the opportunity to truly be ourselves, we are endlessly living our lives for other people, and we never live our own lives.  This is the tragedy of life until we finally become awakened. 

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  1. You are right. Only when we become awakened, we can understand why we were false. Only through awakening we can overcome expectations and be ourselves. Without enlightenment, life will be all complicated for us because we will keep on living in illusion. To break through this illusions, one needs to wake up!


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