Monday, August 5, 2013

Do You Promote Racism?

The best way to promote racism and oppression is to hire minorities to do the dirty work.  Bruce Lee would not allow whites to make fun of his race on screen, so let’s assassinate him and have Jackie Chan make hundreds of movies poking fun at and humiliating his own race of people.  Having white officers beating down the black man for no reason just looks too obvious, so let’s hire a bunch of black sell out officers to beat down on the black man for us. 

Having Dave Chappelle orchestrate an assassination of his own race through comedy sketches is made much more possible than having a white comedian doing the same.  Having Barak Obama set up laws that turn against minorities creates much less conflict than having George Bush do the same. 

Just like Malcolm X used to say, there are the field Negros and then there are the house Negros.  The house Negros are the ones that get to live in the mansion and eat good food as long as they keep the field negro’s in order.  2pac, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X where field Negros fighting towards equality.  Sell out black folks that oppress their own race of people are house Negros, you see them all over the Police Departments. 

No Asian will ever play the dominant respected role in Hollywood, they will just not allow it.  Almost any minority will have their price.  Pay a minority enough money and he will oppress his own race. 

The black and white struggle is too obvious, it is not so simple.  There are whites that will fight for minorities to receive respect and there are minorities that will turn on their own race.  John Lennon was a white man who fought for equality and peace just as how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did, but as you see, they both got assassinated. 

Bruce Lee fought hard to get equal treatment in Hollywood for the Chinese, but he mysteriously dies.  Jackie Chan allows for his race to be poked fun at and suppressed and he lives on to enjoy his money and fame. 

Eminem is a white man who understands the minority struggle and fights hard with the blacks to rise above oppression.  But how many white men are willing to do this?  How many white men are willing to give up their mansions and high paying jobs to live on the poor streets with the minorities?  How many minorities are willing to turn against their own race in order to fit in with the majority?  How many minorities are willing to become white washed and ashamed of their own race and culture? 

The struggle continues, which side are you on?  Are you the oppressor, the bully, or are you the one fighting against oppression?  It is not about your skin color, it is about what is in your heart.  You can have a black man that hates blacks with as much passion as the most hateful Nazi or you can have a white man that fights against racism against minorities as hard as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  


  1. Personally, I'm on the side of indigenization and diversification. I think the very idea of 'race' is such a modern problem, resulting from putting different people together from different places, and keeping them allied to their separateness. A common identity defined by place, and particularly watersheds (rather than something as abstract as nation), is what's needed. North America once had over 500 different languages and cultures, coexisting. The thought of colonization never even existed here, because it was commonly understood that knowledge and identity come from particular ecological, watershed-based places, and that those knowledges and ways of life would not be adaptable broadly. This worked for perhaps 60,000 years (though some would claim 12-15,000). In any case, what we're looking at today, in terms of the social problems around race, only arose in a matter of hundreds, rather than thousands of years. It's not our nature. But it is our nature, or so it seems, to try to define ourselves in opposition to others. So if our identity is no longer about place, and our indigenous link to place, then it becomes about something else. And here's where race comes in. It's a modern dilemma, and it's happening all over the place. In parts of South America, different shades of brown are distinguished as different races. In Africa, different shades of black. It's goofy.

  2. Just smiling thinking, "Could be worse. Could have Johnny Depp pretending to be Chinese with a big bird on his head, like his doing to Natives in this stupid Lone Ranger movie."


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