Monday, August 5, 2013

Kung Fu Reputation

I wish to protect the reputation of Kung Fu.  I don’t want it to be perceived like MMA, which is too violent, too aggressive, too intimidating, too egoistic, too prideful, etc.  But in the same token, I don’t want Jackie Chan and fucking Jack Black representing Kung Fu.  Kung Fu is not a joke but it is not overly aggressive and violent, it is a balance, Kung Fu should simply be respected but not feared.  Bruce Lee and Jet Li represent Kung Fu well.  They worked very hard to represent Kung Fu well.  Jackie Chan & Jack Black, fucked up all the hard work they have worked on and now I have to rebuild it back up.  It’s like Bruce and Jet worked so hard to build nice looking sand castles and then Jackie and Jack come in and fuck it all up.  Now I have to work very hard to re-build it back up again.  A good reputation is hard to build but easy to destroy.  

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  1. Haha! Jack Black! That guy shouldn't even be mentionable. He's about as much a representative of Kung Fu as Ralph Machio is of Karate. Oy!


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